Jesus rest’s in Heaven… The King’s Glorified physical resurrected body rest in heaven, in the secret place of every Christian believer heart and soul, it is the soulish purpose of why we were created, it was for Him. He is made known intimately only to a Christian believer who has given his, or her heartContinue reading “THE BEDCHAMBER OF JESUS FOR A LOST LONELY SOUL / BELIEVER…..”

Epic Reverse Of Abram And Sarai Time Of Life…..

God always uses a javelin throw to point from one place to another… In this case He points to the spiritual aspect of things, from the natural to the supernatural to get His point across… God first comes and, He speaks with Abraham who were Abram at the time… God says to Abram in Gen.Continue reading “Epic Reverse Of Abram And Sarai Time Of Life…..”

Jesus Finished Work: Although He Cut It Short…

I’m curious about Jesus’s work, when He said that, He had to cut it short.. What do you mean Jesus, cut your work short? Now I know some of you are clueless just as I am, I’m wanting to know why He cut His work so short.. Can He do that! I mean cut HisContinue reading “Jesus Finished Work: Although He Cut It Short…”

A Ungodly Seed That Did Not Come From The Lord…..

I don’t know who I’m talking to, but all I know is, I’m talking to someone that the Lord is healing, and even as I speak right now you are healed….. I see in my spirit an opening of the heart, surgery is been made, God is taking the stony heart out and replace itContinue reading “A Ungodly Seed That Did Not Come From The Lord…..”

Transfigured From Cocoon To A Glowing Believer In Christ….

Isn’t it interesting beyond the natural that the Holy Spirit will reveal us to ourselves whenever we’re in His presence. Daily we will start to transform into His image going from, glory to glory into the highest and glorious transfiguration of Jesus like He did on the Mountain Matt. 17:1,2 kjv… And after six daysContinue reading “Transfigured From Cocoon To A Glowing Believer In Christ….”

Feed God’s Spirit/ Starve The Devil’s Flesh…..

I know some of you may be saying, what??? starve the devil’s flesh.. Yes you heard me correctly….. This will mean only one thing, in a natural sense some of us don’t wanna stop eating the wrong foods… Why? Because it taste good to us, but it’s not good for us…. The wrong foods weContinue reading “Feed God’s Spirit/ Starve The Devil’s Flesh…..”

Everybody Has A Choice To Make! What Will Yours Be?

The choice we all make will determine our eternal future, where will you spend eternity? There is a real place not of this world called heaven and there is a place called hell whether you believe it or not both places are real and they are eternal…. God gave you and me a choice, HeContinue reading “Everybody Has A Choice To Make! What Will Yours Be?”

The Spiritual Worldly Whore/ Prostitutes Herself…..

The world is on a spiritual rampage sadly to say prostituting herself with the gods of this world away from the Lord… She’s a very promiscuous imperishable ungodly woman and she’s having many affairs with the god system of this world…… The Lord is crying out to her in Rev. 18:4 kjv, and I heardContinue reading “The Spiritual Worldly Whore/ Prostitutes Herself…..”

The Queen/ Jesus Christ Church Drinking From His Reproductive Fountain…

We all wants to be loved and to be married someday whether we know it or not we were created to love and to be loved for God’s glory this is His purpose, males as well as females…. how do we get there? Just keep reading….. It’s a strong loving desire to be loved consideringContinue reading “The Queen/ Jesus Christ Church Drinking From His Reproductive Fountain…”

The Judgment Seat of Man’s Law

This is for the bible believing Christians…. You will be put in the judgment seat when you go against the law of man to walk with the Lord Act. 18:12,13… Paul preached to the crowd and encourage them to worship the only true God in spite of what man’s law says. Follow and obey theContinue reading “The Judgment Seat of Man’s Law”

Your Spiritual life’s Credit Score…

When your life’s credit score is up by 750 to 800 points in life then you’re at a good place with the Lord… The devil will come and try to challenge some of you in this area by telling you to go ahead and take the kill, meaning to destroy and kill your spiritual life’sContinue reading “Your Spiritual life’s Credit Score…”