Martha’s Service A Mary’s Heart…

As we apply this to the Kingdom we can learn a lot from Mary and her sister Martha and they did had a brother who’s name was Lazarus until Jesus brings him back from the grave. Now he is with them again, but enough about Lazarus this is specifically about Mary and Martha. We allContinue reading “Martha’s Service A Mary’s Heart…”

If You’d Ever Loved Me You Would Come Back To Me.

Hold fast to the Covenant of God beloved for I am your Bridegroom Husband who loves you with an everlasting love. I won’t and I will not just stand by and see you hurt yourself like this. Beloved you’re hurting Me too can you see that or do you even care about Me? Out ofContinue reading “If You’d Ever Loved Me You Would Come Back To Me.”

Jesus Looked Pass Our Flaws And Loved Us In It To See Us Through It….

When we’re in love with the Lord we become heavily sedated in His presence with the tangible touch of the Master’s hands. The touch is so real and felted untill it becomes tangible through many different ways in the earth. * One way is through our giving in other people’s lives, giving your tithes toContinue reading “Jesus Looked Pass Our Flaws And Loved Us In It To See Us Through It….”

Coronavirus Crisis Versus Opportunities…

We’re living in perilous times and yes this is not a dream wake up people we all have a say in this thing called the Coronavirus. The question is what are we going to do about it? The Lord is coming to His people and asking them globally and personally what are we doing aboutContinue reading “Coronavirus Crisis Versus Opportunities…”

Stop Condemning If you Really Don’t Know What You’re Preaching About…

Back again with another episode of God’s word.. I’ve found a few Preachers today Condemning and preaching on condemnation talking bout Christian people are going to hell Jesus doesn’t won’t you to preach condemnation to the people, preach life into them; so my question is, what! are you serious? How can a Christian be CondemnedContinue reading “Stop Condemning If you Really Don’t Know What You’re Preaching About…”

God Is Looking For Broken Vessels In The Earth…

God ain’t looking for the dignified and qualified folks; to cute and petty to praise and worship Him. He’s looking for the undignified and unqualified folks, the kind that doesn’t mind giving Him an ugly praise not saying this in a bad way. He’s not impressed by yo ugly beauty and what I mean byContinue reading “God Is Looking For Broken Vessels In The Earth…”

Bite Sizes… Air Fryer Nuggets

Att Att: There will be bite sizes spiritual fish nuggets came straight from the Air from Heaven’s table for all who are hungry for the word of God. Come dine with Jesus. If you don’t eat fish nuggets, then you’re love these right here.. * First, I like to thank the Lord for being theContinue reading “Bite Sizes… Air Fryer Nuggets”

“Live” Even When Flesh Don’t Wanna Die..

Some of us don’t know the concept of dying to our own flesh daily, given up those things that be not of God, the things that are dead and, or having no life’s worth values to them. These things won’t do us any good. Giving stuff up for Almighty Elohim God can be life challengingContinue reading ““Live” Even When Flesh Don’t Wanna Die..”

Jesus Came To Take Back His Bride…

Did you know Christ was already married to us before He came to earth? Yeah He were married to you and I. The 33 year old Jewish Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago He wasn’t physically married to no one, not even we in our sinful flesh, if He had been, then He would’veContinue reading “Jesus Came To Take Back His Bride…”

Stop Lying To Yourself When You Really Don’t Love The Lord Like You Should…

Love is what love does it is a “verb action.” How can we go out and show the love of Christ by compelling the people to come to Him? The truth is sadly to say, but most of us are really not concerned about our own souls; because if we did we would get upContinue reading “Stop Lying To Yourself When You Really Don’t Love The Lord Like You Should…”

Be Concerned About Others More Than Yourself….

Life is so precious when we’re in the will of the Lord we will not take even the little things we do for God for granted… How precious is that! When every minute on my watch is counting down. When our spirit and soul are quiet in Heavenly places we are being drawn into aContinue reading “Be Concerned About Others More Than Yourself….”