Only the Lord shall judge!

Greetings to all, pardon me, but you can just about tell, that if you have the discernment of God where most people hearts are these days. Now I don’t have room to judge or point fingers because I have a few pointing back at me too. But anyway what’s in a man’s heart will definitelyContinue reading “Only the Lord shall judge!”

When the Lord brings me out in the opening.

Greetings dear reader, I must say, you may see my smiling face here and there and I may even consider myself a quiet type of person mainly because I keep to myself and not having any dealing with anyone. It’s not that I’m stuck up it’s because I will hear the Lord better. But anywayContinue reading “When the Lord brings me out in the opening.”

Just sharing what the Lord laid on my heart.

Greetings to y’all, quick joke also true! Jesus can be staring some of y’all right there in your faces and slap you, you’ll say someone else did it and won’t even acknowledge that Jesus did it. “Don’t lie” let me tell the truth for you! Jesus did it. Who woke you up? Jesus did it,Continue reading “Just sharing what the Lord laid on my heart.”

God Wants You To Give Birth.

How many of you who are Christians followers knows when a woman is pregnant she got to have that unborn child? Her body must naturally release when the time comes for it to be birth. It’s the same way in the spirit we go through spiritual birthing in order to grow and advance the Lord’sContinue reading “God Wants You To Give Birth.”

God Does Not Tempt Us… And We Can’t Tempt God.

James 1:13, let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth He any man. The only way a person can be tempted is when he is drawn away by his own lust James 1:14. Stop playing the blame game on God HeContinue reading “God Does Not Tempt Us… And We Can’t Tempt God.”

A Person Don’t Have To Go To Hell!

Why are sinners still choosing to go to hell when Jesus clearly from the reading of scriptures came and ( died for our sins )? Do we go because we’ve sinned? What really and truly send us to this awful place? I believed for a minute in ignorance of understanding God’s word that sinning willContinue reading “A Person Don’t Have To Go To Hell!”