Carrying The Spirit Of Paul….

Greetings and blessings coming from your sister in Christ, I have a word coming from my Lord and personal Savior Jesus Christ. I’m stating out with a scripture coming straight from the book of Rom 1:1,9 And it reads, Paul, A servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God. Now these two scriptures stood out at me and my spirit got to stirring or shall I say, my spiritual baby went to kicking.

The Lord is so amazing isn’t He? When I look at verse 1 all I could think about is how awesome it would be to walk in Paul’s shoes the scripture said he was a servant of Jesus and a apostle separated unto the gospel of God. All I can say is, I’ve made the Lord’s word so personal to me until I taste and see clearly that they’re falling from His lips. You got to understand that they’re His words coming outer His mouth coming straight from His spirit to penetrate my spirit. The Bible did say, oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Psa 34:8, O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him. If you get personal with Him and trust that it’s really Him that you see, feel, and hear then He will become visible to you too. He’ll kiss you with every word that comes out His mouth. Please understand that the Bible did say, kiss the King and live. Psa 2:12, Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and ye perish from the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.

Let’s look at Paul’s life and what he did as a lover of Jesus; first, he had to become a servant. We got to understand that we cannot be servants of the most high Yahweh who is God unless we first humble ourselves to the servanthood of His Kingdom. That is exactly what Paul did please understand that Father Yah is all about order in His Kingdom so yes! Paul knew that, and he did just that later the Lord raised him to the next level of greatness which was to be separated from all else to be with Jesus our one true love. Nothing else mattered at that point except what Jesus wants, “Now” His wants become ours we’ve already humbled ourselves to His godly authorities. Our mission is to pursue and to proceed with our actions accordingly…..

It is a honor and privilege to be called by the Father He’s our Heavenly Father that loves His children and want the best for us why not return His amazing love back to Him. How? Please understand that we in these frail bodies do not have any love to extend to Him we’re not extendable in our state of being, but that doesn’t stop God He always has a way when it seems impossible for us it’s always on the other end possible with the Lord… so how do we extend our love back to Him? The Bible say we love Him, because He (First) loved us. 1 John 4:19.. any love that we feel toward Him is His love working in and through us been extended back to Him again. Let the Lord do a good work in you I’m talking personally to you Ma’am to you Sir, Boy and Girl.

“Going about my Father’s business”

When it comes to the Lord we as Christian’s believer ought to be about doing the work of the Lord, so that is exactly what Paul did when he got saved he went in full force on teaching about Jesus. So as we read in Rom 1:9, we see Paul’s expression as he see into the spiritual side of him the side that always yarns for God. We were created to be one in spirit with Him serving Him in our spirit concerning and caring for others. Verse (9) Paul said God is his witness, whom he serve with his spirit in the gospel of Jesus without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers. That right there should speak to our spirit because our spirit man is always connected to God and wants to do the right things whatever pleases Him because in us He yarns through us to care and help others who are in need more than we are..

We serve God whole heartily with our spirits helping others. In essence if we love Him we will obey Him and keep His commands we’re doing it all in the name of Jesus that is what Paul were referring too. God is our witness and witness with Himself He cannot deny Himself because His spirit lives within us 2 Tim 2:13, If we believe not, ( meaning not in ourselves but only in the cross of His Son ) yet He abideth faithful: ( Meaning He is faithful in us why? because we’ve denied ourselves and believed in Christ ) He cannot deny Himself ( meaning He is in us there won’t be any denying )

“Caring for others”

When we read verse 9 again Paul said without ceasing he make mention of the saints always in his prayers. What does that means did Paul go on and on and never got physically tired? Sure he did without ceasing doesn’t mean to stop, but it does mean in a sense that he may have gotten tired and weary in his flesh but kept on going. Without ceasing It only means don’t give us on the Lord and the works that you do for Him it will all pay off after while. He will give us strength in our weary souls the Bible states that the flesh is weak but the spirit indeed is always willing Matt 26:41……….So Paul stayed praying always for the people. We Christians should take on the same spirit as Paul did always willing in the spirit of the Lord..

Make the good Lord continue to bless, give peace and watch over you and your household 🙏 Make Jesus Christ Lord over your life right now Amen…

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