Overcoming Man Made COVID-19 Vaccine….

1 John 4:3, and every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of anti-Christ, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is in the world. 1 John 4:4, Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, then he that is in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen from the text something has already been birth in the earth and something else will be birth what? Explain! The spirit of the anti-christ is already here. What’s the difference between the anti and his spirit? Well I believe he has sent his spirit here in the earth before him so that it could through the ones who are in hierarchy who has already accepted his spirit do the works of his spirit. The anti has not in his full form arrived on seen yet that will manifest later on that’s the different.

In the meantime his agents are getting the world prepared for his coming. Who are his agents? The leaders who have sold out to him they’re the ones who are in these high places of the world, they’re the ones who has higher authority over us until we go against them and come under the safety of God, Who are these people and why do I say that? I say that because I see the works of this spirit in the earth. Just to name a few, the Elites are the number one top of the list they are very wicked and high ranking evil spirits, the Government and their systems that includes the Army forces as well, the Police Force systems, the Doctors and nurses hospitals facilities, the food industry even down to the clothing stores. All these are his agents that work for his spirit they all have been corrupted by this spirit of anti-christ. Mercy Lord!!! On the people.

Trust no one man will let you down and then turn around to destroy you, but God the God above is for us the ones who have put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ He is for us let’s put our total trust and faith in Him. I’ve researched and learned that the meat industry is corrupt mightily these wicked elites go and steal these precious innocent children away from their playgrounds, shopping malls, from walking home from schools anywhere. They take them underground and murder them there drink their blood and give they’re dead bodies to meat houses to slaughter and grind up to put in grounded burgers and sausages among other ground meats. If you don’t believe me believe what the Bible says it’s all in there read it for yourself ask Holy Spirit to open up your spiritual eyes then you will see it. Isa 57:5.

Isa 57:5, says Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the cliffs of the rocks? Wow did you see that when you read it? The Lord told them “they are having idol worship slaying the children”. In essence they have killed the children by slaying them and they did it under the cliffs of the rocks meaning; in the shadow of darkness the rocks under ground, the under ground Sorority group houses where natural eye can’t see, but spiritually eyes only when reading this text. I believe a question mark were put at the end of verse 5 for this reason, God ask them a question He said really! how could you do such a thing to my children? Verse 6 says, Among the smooth stones of the stream is thy portion; they, they are thy lot: even to them hast thou poured a drink offering, thou hast offered a meat offering. Should I receive comfort in these?

“A drink and meat offering” ladies and gentlemen people of God this stuff gets deeper and the wickedness goes deeper! Drink and meat offering: first of all what are these wicked people are drinking and eating down in these sorority group penn houses? Well the verses clearly tell us what they were doing they slew/ killed the children drained they’re blood to drink it for themselves, gave their dead bodies to the meat slaughter houses to be grounded up in our foods because they didn’t eat the human flesh they only drunk they’re blood. That was they’re offering to they’re god the god of Molech/ Molek where they did child sacrifices Lev 18:21. That is still going on today under ground in theses Penn State house having wicked parties very wicked… Do this research for yourself and line it up with God’s word…… my heart goes out to our children all over the world because somewhere in it they are still trying to snatched up a child, but we’re spiritual warriors of Christ and are here to rebuke this spirit of children sacrifice witchcraft all over the world in the name of Jesus it is already done Lord the children are now safe in Your arms Amen.

The other side of these wicked Elites: “this is the biggest of them all” the Elites are pushing New World Order. I know what I’m about to say some may feel some type of way just because oh well I’m fixing to throw myself under the bus and say it anyway. The world is preparing for a one man government system ran by the Elites they got “V” shot out here trying to force the whole world to take it they’re very wicked and disguised themselves as seemingly to be helping the “people” supposingly saving lives but they’re not. They don’t tell you behind the scene that the “V” will take more lives if saving any do your own research. With that being said, in the meantime Satan is setting up his kingdom right here on earth and the Elites are helping him get prepared for the anti-christ coming if not already here. The “V” DNA Jab in the arm, this stuff wasn’t FDA approved and people, but not all people are getting poked in the shoulder. They may have purposefully put this “Nano” some kind of blue liquid in the “V” it’s called Nanotechnology it’s used to change a person’s human DNA to God knows what and be under they’re mind control. No thanks I’m fine. I will trust in the Lord whole hearted my life is in His hands, not man made “V” AKA the Jab in the arm shot! Satan’s rage is only for temporary thanks to God because the Lord already told us that His people shall inherit the earth (Matt 5:5) the earth is ours and we shall cohabit with Christ paraphrasing. At the end the choice is yours!

🙏 if you have not given Jesus Christ your heart and hand please do so at this time. Come to Jesus right now Amen….

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Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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