Beautifully Designed The Believe And Christ..

As I’m lying in bed thinking about the Lord He comes in my room and paints me a heart felt passionate picture of each individual member that are in the Body of Christ.

He shows me a picture of how it should be between He and each member as far as love relationship goes. Members of the Bride of Christ beautiful feminist body; male and female it doesn’t consist of gender; are anything else that are fleshly related for that matter but spirit only.

It is the absolute essence the equality of all souls to be in a loving relationship with “YAHWEH God” through the holy flesh of Jesus we can only articulate that by giving ourselves over to Him.

We’re all beautifully design in all areas of our lives whether single or married we belong to the Lord. Our bodies are not our own to do what we want with it it has a price tag stamped on it by the holy blood of His finger prints. The price tag also says sold out to Jesus. Nobody else could afford to purchase us the cost was so high even satan couldn’t afford to pay hallelujah.

(1 Cor 6:15-17), Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid. (16) what? Know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? For two, said he shall be one flesh.

Tying yourself up outside of your spiritual marriage relationship with YAHWEH is forbidden in His eyes because now you have tied yourself to an ungodly soul tie harlot a enemy of God. Untie yourself now by coming back to Christ. Don’t forget who you are you are beautifully design for Him.

Turn back to Him and stop looking else where for this “Divine Love”. Some of us are looking all on mountain tops and crawling under every green tree spreading our wings to the gods of this world the enemies of the Lord. The Lord is right there within us just turn within and you will see Him with His arms spread wide open. He’s longing to hold you in His arms again. Stop your adulterous affairs!

“STOP YOUR ADULTEROUS AFFAIRS” Isa 57:5-8 ➕CEV version, (5) All you think about is sex under those green trees where idols are worshiped. You sacrifice your children on altars build in valleys under rocky slopes. (6) You have chosen to worship idols made of stone; you have given them offerings of wine and grain. Should I be pleased? (7) You have spread your beds on the tops of high mountains, where you sacrifice to idols. (8) Even in your homes you have placed pagan symbols all around your huge beds. Yes, you have rejected me, sold yourselves to your lovers, and gone to bed with them.

We’re designed beautifully to be the Bride of Christ and each person uniquely loving Him as our own the members within her. We as members and I quote: it is imperative to fully coapt and adapt to the three keys the divine godly laws of growing up and accompany her attributes of knowing how to (1) love, (2) fall in love, and (3) to be in love with Christ. This is the miraculous fruit of the vine; Christ is the vine to the branches of our fruits the two produces life together.

” THE VINE CHRIST ” the vine Christ is the most Mystic relationship of them all because it’s at it’s highest of all relationships. No human carnality of the flesh can absorb this can of presence from the Lord it goes beyond the intellect of our human nature because it spiritual and highly divine. We can only obtain this spiritual absorption if we surrender and absorb into the Deity of the God Vine Christ. Ones soul and spirit are prepared to meet its “Divine Lover” Christ the God YAHWEH of the bible.

It’s like Adam and Eve when they met with YAH God back in the day before the fall this kind of relationship is heavenly divine told as an earthly story. God the husband, Adam and Eve is the wife of God. Both Adam and Eve are singular in this form because God said that they are one (Gen) 2:24 as we may see them in plural form, remember it’s not about male or female genders in the eyes of the Lord it’s all about a love relationship with the Divine lover of our souls. That’s the real reason why in Gen 1:28, God blessed them. He tells them to be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. It wasn’t just about Adam and Eve along but the Lord was in the center of this spiritual union it was all about seeing Him as our spiritual husband through Jesus. Without God and His blessings Adam and Eve wouldn’t have been fruitful toward God.

It’s the same way today with His Son Jesus He is our spiritual husband and our highest desire to be fruitful and multiply. Let us make ready to see and meet the eternal Bridegroom (Rev) 19:7-9 because He’s taken us back with Him we’re beautifully designed to be in this love relationship with Him forever!🙌

The Spirit and the bride say, come. (Rev) 22:17…… if you’re not already saved come and give Jesus Christ your life today Amen 🙏

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Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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    1. Good morning Zoe, and many blessings to you 💜 thank you for taking the time out to stop by to hear the voice of the Lord. He’s so awesome and amazing all praises goes to Him 🙌 you’re welcome to come again ☺

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