The Lord Has A Wedding Ring To Put On You.

For the Marriage of the Lamb has truly come are you ready to meet Him down the aisle of your heart? The Lord is serious about you He’s not playing no games are missing around especially when it comes to you.

If you don’t know how serious He was and still is about you let me do the honor of showing you for just a bit. He were brutally scarred and beaten to His faithful death on our behalf and mumbled not a word in the sense of not wanting to go through with His death. What a loving Savior! Already that should be enough to take His “Ring” and marry your soul to Him.

If that’s still not enough just look around if you’re a unbeliever and you’re reading this that a sign that He’s still good to you after all these 2000 years of Him doing what He needed to do just so He could marry you on this day I’ll say, He still very much in love and wanna be with you. Now that should warm your heart to take the “Ring”

If you’re still not sure you wanna take it just look back over the courses of your life through heart aches and pain, ups and downs, even around and around, through lumps and humps of folks saying nasty things about you that ain’t true or may even be ture. First of all He will forgive you it doesn’t matter what you’ve done or even what you’re gonna do in the future. The truth is His blood done cover all our past, present and future sins whenever we do sin repent to Jesus our high Priest. We’re not perfect in our relationship that doesn’t mean I’m telling you to go willful sin because I’m not! therefore we don’t get the credit Jesus does because He’s perfect and always will be faithful to us as His spiritual spouse.

Come on now I know you done took this “Ring” by now. “He’s still waiting” this is a beautiful picture of our future with Him it doesn’t start when we get to heaven. Our lives start right here and now when Jesus proposed to you at the cross to give Him our whole spirit, body, soul, heart and mind.

All I can say at this point is do you love Jesus? Because I do. The loving Savior has already hung, bleed and died for you now He lives again just to be with you. So please don’t leave Him hanging again by letting Him wait for your heart and hand because He has all of Eternity, but you don’t that’s only if you don’t accept Him as Lord. So don’t let Eternity caught you without Christ.

My God my God hear my cry for the people some don’t even know you as they’re Lover and personal friend. Lord some might not ever know you but still Lord I’ll pray while mercy lies at the door to yet soak in tears to pray for them. Lay a heavy burden on the hearts of this people. Let them all know that they don’t have very long and cannot live if they do not accept You. That is the truth there’s no other way. I pray that they give You their hand in Marriage and come to fall more deeply in love with Jesus. May the blessings of the Lord continue to richly bless your house 🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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