We’ve Gone Into Spiritual Menopausal!

“Without the blood of Jesus we won’t be able to produce and advance His kingdom”. I heard the Lord say some of you done lost it. You’ve stop bleeding the blood of Jesus for some time now. He says you’ve have gone into spiritual (menopause). He told me to tell you come back to your fundamental menstrual cycle of the Church. Start producing fruits again which is needed, that is to say living your life as a fruitful vine first to the Lord and then spread it to others and the lost souls who are out there in darkness.

Whenever we stop bleeding the blood of Jesus we now become spiritually dried up and slip into spiritual menopause stages which is where the Lord do not won’t us at ever! What He does want is for us to keep on producing and bleed Jesus’s name to a lost and dying world by opening up our mouths to speak and spread His name and what He has done.

The Bible talks about Sarah dead dried up barrenness of the womb she was unproductive, unfruitful and not friendly yes I said it she was not friendly either. We will see all of that in Genesis Sarah we’re well stricken and old in age but that didn’t stop the Lord from wanting to do a purpose through her. We must be willing and ready to do whatever it is that the Lord wants to do through us. Was Sarah prepared was her womb prepared for the presence of His purpose? No I don’t think so not at this time anyways because she was is her menopause stage and been menopausal for a while. The Bible say the angels who appeared in the form of men ask where is thy wife Sarah? Genesis 18:9

Where is Sarah? Do we think that Sarah didn’t know she had company over to her house and that she did not know who they were? Of course she knew! her company were asking about her Genesis 18: 9 says, And they said unto him, where is Sarah thy wife) ? And Abraham said , Behold, in the tent. That lets us know that Sarah knew them and they knew her. Sarah was barren and unfriendly toward them at the same time God knew it so He sent His two angels to her home to free her from her barrenness. Sarah was not willing to step outside of her tent door, she was not willing to step outside her barrenness, she was not willing to be friendly toward her guests instead her husband Abraham was friendly toward them and made them felt as welcome as possible. He even went out his way to prepare a meal for them. But Sarah she was not willing to step outside the tent door she was at a place of dryness , she was dead from her womb.

Where is Sarah, and did she stay in her place of barrenness and dried up from the womb self? The answer is No! Because God called her out from not being barren to becoming fruitful and more lively her friendly smile came out even to the point of laughter within herself God made her laugh Genesis 18:10, God spoke through one of the angel and said, I will certainly return unto thee according to the time of life; and lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son. Sarah heard it in the tent door. Sarah heard God’s voice because she was Standing right there she was breaking free of barrenness at that time because she was listening to His voice. God spoke of her menstrual life in verse 10, He spoke in her presence and said I will certainly return unto thee according to the time of life. We may as well go on and say Sarah had step outside the tent door she had broken free of barrenness. Sarah had gotten her menstruation back. God dried up her barrenness so that her womb could be functional and ready for His purpose according to the time of life spiritually as well as physically.

“God’s returns” God returned because nothing is too hard for Him Genesis 18:14, Is anything to hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son. Here we see Sarah’s menstruation is back on track and God is about to do something through her the time has come He’s fixing to birth baby Isaac hallelujah it’s a spiritual picture of Jesus being born down through this lineage. That’s the purpose of our fruitfulness to the Lord. This is our purpose and fruitfulness of today as well it stills remain the same because God change not. Hope this helps some one today. Amen and and praise God if you do not know the love of Jesus which is God because He is love than I highly advise you to do so right now. Let Jesus into your life. Prayer👇

Rom 10:9,10, Dear Lord Jesus I come confessing that I am a broken sinner desperately in need of you as my Savior, my Lord and my personal Savior. I open up my heart to you right now and believe that You are the Son of God I do believe that He has rosed You up from the grave early that third day. Come into my heart and live in me and through me Lord Jesus right now in your precious holy name Amen.🙏

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