Vegan vs Meats Or Meat Eaters…

I first want to start off by saying, Vegan is a relationship between our bodies and healthy foods. It’s a relationship between one or the other a sacrificing of one’s body given over to one or the other, Meat or Vegan. In my case I have chosen Vegan personally it’s a relationship between not us ourselves, but it’s a relationship between our bodies and Vegan/foods.

Being vegan is a healthy lifestyle of eating habits that our bodies embraces the habits that we embrace actually becomes us the old saying says, we are what we eat. I call this a Vegan relationship because it (is), it is a relationship between your mind, spirit, body and soul.

We’re all led and spirit driven by something either by someone or something that’s my intake on it. If you’re a Vegan or want to become one what does Vegan say to you? Or what does being vegan say to you? It does speaks and talks to us, personally my intake on it, it tells me I’m going to do you right, I will have you looking healthy and good a slimmer you, not only that but skin and hair looking healthy and flawless as ever.

Being a veganism will have us feeling better about ourselves and others because you will feel or start to feel this burst of energy that comes out you to love other human beings including animals which is mainly what veganism is all about everytime you look in a mirror you will feel good about yourself and spread love because that is the spirit you not weighed down by your flesh eating animals.

For all of your vegan newbies out there including myself this type of spirit and energy will cheer us on to keep on going even when we don’t see progress at first it’ll all pay off down the line and when we see it we’ll say yes! And keep on living the healthy vegan life that we were created to live from the beginning.

If you have struggled in this area or you’ve struggled with this for a very long time and couldn’t get it going then hear this! In your heart embrace this lifestyle and marry Vegan and fall in love with veganism when you do this you will be keeping yourself pure from consuming 98% of animal substance and products with them in it. So where’s the other 2% go?

The answer and reason i say this this is because it is nearly humanly impossible to be totally 100% vegan yes we cut out all the meats/dairy products the wearing of animal skin clothing, shoes, purses, belts and everything else you get my point, but what about all the hygiene products with animal substance in them? We can’t keep up it will drive us looney at least for me. We are still vegans if we’re living a 98% lifestyle as vegans. Stop animal cruelty!

The day the spirit of Vegan came to me I was feeling bad, I was fat, out of shape and (obesely) over weighed if that make sense on my little frame of 5.0 tall or shall I say short weighing 204 lbs. The spirit of Vegan saw me and told me to come to this way of lifestyle let go of the old the former things/ old spirit which was Meats. It had me eating meats and I had a very poor diet of feasting off any and everything that I wanted to eat feeding my already malnourished body. I thank Vegan for showing me having health over a poor and malnutrition body.

I thanked Vegan for the day I fell out of love with Meats I fell in love with Vegan which is spirit and having you and only you for my body and nutritionist needs. Now I have divorced Meats all together and started on Dec 4,2020 a Vegan walk with my Creator which is my higher self it’s that still voice within us that really speaks to us that is our highest Creator that speaks within and we’re the creation that listens.

I’m in love with Vegan being a veganism person now. You have won my mind, heart, body, and my soul over to doing what is right and healthy for my body which is yours because you Vegan spirit taking over it for the good purposes that you stand for VEGAN.

Being vegan will show us how to eat and live healthy for life and to maintain it, not only that but having love for the animals and stopping animal cruelty making it to be a safer environment and place to be for all living creatures upon the earth including us. Eat plant based foods I’m sure the animals will thank us.

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Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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