Satan’s Seduction Well….

When I look around me today I see a whole lot of people drinking from the seduction well of Satan this is what he does to manipulate the people into his sick and twisted porn games. If you’ve fell into his trap already then you are under the spiritual addictions of fulfilling his sick desires on you with you effortlessly having no desire to come out he doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t care about how you feel, or if you want out or not. All he wants from you is to keep on drinking from his sickening seduction well of influencing your soul to be like his and you helping influence others. Fight to come up out this whore’s house called the world of sins. That’s the title he has written above it it is an unclean house and you shouldn’t even wanna go toward it to do what you want.. Let me tell you by the vision of the Holy Spirit in me what I see so far, “a large couch” with Satan laying on it in a very slight angle he’s seen everything that you don’t do and will strike you to do it. Note: The Holy Spirit is in-depth and very strategic how He’s showing me what’s going on.

In-depth of the whore’s house and what’s really going on inside of it. The partying still going on, the drinking and getting drunk still going on, people sleeping with each other and with Satan having spiritual intercourse with him by drinking from the seed of his offspring well and will be till the day Jesus come back here and people He’s on his way back right now as Holy Spirit speaks to you today. So if you’re one of theses people that are drinking from the seduction well of Satan then you must come out quickly, if you don’t turn back around and go back out the front door the way you came then you will find yourselves going out the back door that leads you straight into hell’s eternal home because now you’ve have gone too far and there are no ways out to escape the burning fires.

In this whore house of Satan there are none stop killings around the world sadly to say police officers are the number 1 on the top of the list that Satan got to do it right along with others that he are using, yes theses crooked cops these days are assaulting and battering us, mainly the race of our black men……. what was suppose to help serve and protect us are now harming and killing us, these fake police badges, not all of them are evil, but the majority of them are. Even vast numbers of the crooked cops are in the whore house of Satan and drinking from his well of seduction. Lord have mercy! That’s why they’ve turn on us because they have drunken from the well on Satan so deep and corrupted they’re souls to the full maximum of wanting to kill instead of serving and protecting.

This house is full of sins I can barely talk about it right long see it happen before my eyes, but I must go on because I wanna share. In this house there are lesbians and gays and people who wanna try it for the first time or become like them. Don’t do it because you will get stuck in it and for most people they will not be so easily to walk away from this lifestyle; the enemy say, you all are welcome to come and live here free to do and live the way you wanna. People this is living against the way God wants us to live the devil knows this and fail to tell us this because he is a falling angel that tell lies who wants to see many in hell with him. For me personally who would wanna come and live in filth and to be as filth like the filth that Satan is? I know the answer, Nobody in they’re right spirit that has the mind of Christ would wanna go there right long live there. Evil entities live there and the house is filled with them. I hear the blood of the innocents cry out of they’re souls for “HELP”. Then I saw a large supernatural hand go into this house and pull out the ones that are really crying from they’re souls the Lord who is our helper is His name, but the rest of them He leaves in there, not that He don’t wanna get them out, it’s because they don’t wanna come out Lord have mercy as powerful as the Lord is he can’t save someone who doesn’t wanna be saved.

I see innocent new born babies are being brutally attacked and slaughtered because the hearts of these people that Satan got working for him are evil and they have no light of day shining in them many ungodly clinics called the “abortion clinics. The blood will be on the church’s hands, if we don’t step up to the door of Satan and call the precious souls out the whore’s house to run to Jesus the one who will feed them and treat them with respect then we’re going to lose a whole lot of souls, “but” the devil is a liar and the truth wasn’t found in him. My prayer: Lord Jesus I pray that someone took in your precious word today realizing that they need to come out the whore’s house right now just the way they are let them know that they can’t clean themselves up and that it shouldn’t stop them from coming to you, but that You’re clean them up once they have came out in Jesus most holy and precious name Amen.

If you have felt and prayed that prayer with me then Jesus has saved you from the house of sin, just trust in Him and believe that He is the Son of God and that God has raised him from the grave then you are saved this is a confession of the heart spoken out loud with your mouth before the church of a God……. Peace and blessings to you Amen ❤️

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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