Keep And Tend To Your Own Spiritual Life’s Garden…

God never intended for us to watch and make fun of someone else’s life garden because they may have a few weeds growing here or there the Truth is, you just may have some growing in your life too I’m sure of it. We all have weed growing in our lives that is the reason why God gives us spiritual garden tools which is the teaching and studying of His words to root up and pluck the weeds out our lives. We don’t have time to look and see what someone else not doing just tend to your own personal garden that the Lord has given you hallelujah.

When we just happen to look at another person’s life even though that person may not be doing so well in they’re life pray for them, don’t talk and slander they’re name pray that the Lord help show them how to use they’re tool that He gave them. On the other hand you may just happen to see someone else who are doing good even better then you are just say, all is well God is a good God isn’t he? And keep it moving don’t just stand there and dwell on, oh they doing better then I am. Be happy for them we each have our turn of blessings when we go in to meet with the King which is Jesus he has tons of blessings for each person . He’s the Lord of Lord and the King above every king hallelujah praise God.

We must keep a close watch on our own life’s spiritual garden with the Lord we each as Christian and lovers of God must keep our lives cultivated with the tool of His word stay on point don’t allow yourself to be hinder from the Lord by the world’s peer pressure of you your own Bose you can do and live the way you want! First of all no! you can’t we are not our own our bodies do not belong to us we here bought with a price the price of Jesus Blood paid in full for our sins so now we belong to Him. How many belong to Him? I know I do and He is forever in love with us; do you ever think about Him the same way? The truth is the Lord loves us way far more than we love ourselves or each other we cannot love if we don’t love with the Christ like love that He place inside us , not even our own selves if we don’t have His love.

Let’s all be aware that yes Satan can take these same spiritual tools that God has given us for His purpose and ours and use them against God and us if we do not know how to use them correctly yes these tools came from the Lord, but the ungodly concept of Satan slithers through our minds in the way he want us to use them will hinder and stop our progress and ability to achieve the Lord’s works in and through us……..Lord Jesus guard our hearts and minds to do Your will and get Your message across. Lord we understand the spiritual tools used against You this ungodly concept did not come from You. We denounced theses evil concepts of Satan works in our lives right now in Jesus mighty name fill us up with only Your presence Lord hallelujah and we will purposely do what You called us to do.

The Lord has already birth it in us we need to birth it out us give birth to that very thing the Lord purpose in you we don’t need to compare or compete with each other. When we don’t compete / compare this is what makes us uniquely us and the way the Lord created us as individuals that’s how He wants it and that’s how He sees it. If we’ll not walking in this way then we will become miserable in the relationship with Him. He want us to tend to our own relationship / garden and not no one else’s. That was the case with da Shulamite woman in Song of Song 1:6, she were blacken by the sun which were her own flaws as we are today and her own vineyard she did not kept. This points to our own relationship vineyard with the Lord lets be encouraged to keep our own life garden cultivated for Him Amen…

Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today, if you haven’t already peace and blessings to you Amen 🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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