A Spiritual Balance Life…

A Spirit balance life works well in the spirit because we as Christians need to have balance in the natural too without it our (SP) traits will be off balance. What is (SP) trait? (SP) traits are spiritual balance working in the physical realm in the earth manifesting itself to be imbalance with each other otherwise we wouldn’t know. Too much spiritual high trait while in the body will cause a person’s physical mind to be in confusion and overloaded while the spiritual mind stays intact. yes! Your spirit concept is right, but your physical body is disagreeing with your spiritual self because of the imbalance therefore it’s doing something totally different from what the spirit want it to do. Your spirit will never go against the Lord and will not take part in what the flesh does..

As we all know that the spiritual mind is enmity with the physical mind the bible clearly teaches that, Rom 8:7, Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. We do not expect the natural mind to submit to the spiritual mind only the body will submit in the spirit, if being fed spiritually because it become a living sacrifice walking with the spirit of God Gal 5:16-18. Now that’s the right standard and the order of the spirit of God.

Yes of course we’re spirit beings, but we also have a balance that come with it. On the other hand, if our spiritual traits are low because of a lack of studying the word it will immediately cause us to fall into our own carnality because of little or no knowledge/ spirit of God or better yet spiritually burn out either one of the two. It is vital that we keep a balance life focusing on the attributes of God and studying His word….

Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today, if you haven’t already peace and blessings Amen❤️

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Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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