David And Bathsheba…Part 1

My personal study from ( 2. Sam 11:4 )… And David sent messengers, and took her, and she came in unto him, and he lay with her, for she was purified from her uncleanliness and she returned unto her house. Now! We understand that God reveals to us types and shadows through His word! Why? Because He is who he is. Genesis 1:2-3 says, and the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters ( which I think is a type of shadow ) God spirit is like a reflected shadow, not a dark shadow. God is light and there is no darkness in Him because He through Jesus is the light of the world. So when I read theses verses in the Bible of the Old Testament they are types and shadows of Jesus revealed in the New Testament that have been covered and concealed in the old it was time to pull the sheets back to encounter Jesus and reveal who He is and who God is they are really one in the same person. Jesus said, I in My Father and My Father are in Me John 14:11…..just a side note.

Moving on, so when i see a verse about David and Bathsheba my eyes are open and I see that their lives are seized and characterize by the will of God we all know that king David was a man after God’s own heart, and yes the Bible stated that he were a godly man who had messed up. Although David made mistakes in the Bible he still loved the Lord I believed with all his heart David knew how to fall on his face before God whenever he messed up. He was a worshipper of God. Yes David messed up with Bathsheba and had an adulterous affair with her against Holy God, but God yet still points and paints us the bigger picture here. With my eyes been enlighten and illuminated in the spirit of God I see nothing but Jesus wanting to purify our bodies, minds and souls through this message. As He look through the window of our souls He sees our fleshly nakedness and want nothing, but to cover us with His un-fleshly purity, it is a spiritual symbolic symbol cross; we’re covered under the blood of Jesus. Jesus is purifying and cleansing us within which is the spiritual part of us when we’ve encounter Him. Only He can do this, only He can see this part of us naked and not ashamed.

Our godliness are manifest to the unsaved and then! they will see the godly counterpart of us by a way of having had an intimate encounter with Jesus. When I look at what David did with Bathsheba my eyes are yet enlightened once again . With one eye open and the other one closed I can see the difference between king David and King Jesus. Jesus saw us in the symbol of how David saw Bathsheba in the natural the only different is, Jesus eyes was not unfiltered by the lustful eye of adulterous sin like David was. David looked on Bathsheba as in wanting to sleep with her and uncovered her nakedness before the eyes of God whom he committed this unholy affair with because his eye was evil, but Jesus with His pure filtered holy eyes looked on us the spiritual Bathsheba and covered our nakedness and did not commit adultery first against God nor committed it with us. Why? Because we were already His Hallelujah!!!!! David wasn’t married to Bathsheba yet when they came together therefore “Adultery”

Just as king David sent messengers, and took her this is a spiritual symbol of what Jesus did with us considering that He came through the line of David….Jesus did things in a godly order He too sent for us by the messenger of His Holy Spirit we’re going to accept His hand of invitation. why? Because we reverence Him and we adore Him I assume that is the reason why Bathsheba went to her king; who can resist a king! By resisting Him it just may deprive you of your position in the “Kingdom”. Look what happen to Vashti in the book of Esther she lost her queen’s position.

I think God for the Holy Spirit bringing me to my king Jesus Christ I accepted His seed, the seed of salvation in my life and l became pregnant and outburst a born again Child of the most high God. It’s obviously that David laid with Bathsheba and she became pregnant with the child that God did not approve of, for that the child became very frail and died because of the sinful adultery of David against the Lord. God allowed this to happen I believe because king David were a type, a shadow of Christ representing Jesus our King and His bloodline could not be interrupted.

Every seed that came and come out the lions of Jesus are holy seeds and the Lord will not destroy them because they are holy. Some may say, how can a loving God do something like this? This is what Bathsheba said to David. Precious people of God we have to know the ways of the Lord his likes and dislikes to be able to see the enemies coming at the same time. If God had not allowed the ungodly seed to die which were in the form of a child then the seed of Jesus bloodline would have been contaminated and died also because of sin. Hallelujah! Jesus is without sin He never knew it.

The Bible says Jesus was the seed of David the heart of the bloodline; here in scriptures just to confirm it John 7:42, Hath not the scripture said, that Christ come through of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was? Also Rom. 1:3, concerning His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh. And 2. Tim 2:8, remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead according to My gospel.

Ok look God just drop this in my spirit, of course we know Jesus is the Son of David clearly we can read it from scriptures above, according to more scriptures Matt. 1:1, the book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham. This verse is stating that Jesus is the spiritual seed the Son of David, the Son of Abraham and even to forward it into the New Testament the Son of Mary which is His earthly mother according to the flesh. To confirm, this is Mary spiritual seed Genesis 3:15, and I will put enmity between thy seed and her seed. The scripture is clearly talking about the holy seed of Jesus will crush the serpent’s head. Jesus defeated him at the cross hallelujah the seed of David lives forever.

Although David son that he had with Bathsheba died God gave him another son called Solomon God did approve of this son although he still wasn’t the seed that Genesis 3:15 talks about when I talk about David seed lives forever I’m talking about King Jesus who will reign and live forever with us, His people. Jesus is our king the king of spiritual Lsrael all the scriptures points to Christ this verse really stood out and spoke to me in my spirit and said, I am King over Solomon, I am King of kings and Lord of lords.

The Song of Jesus is singing”……..The Song of Solomon verses starts to jump out at me like little fishes out the water, did you know Jesus takes us into the Song of Solomon to get us to fall in love with Him? Yes He takes us there to sing to us. He says to us, I am your shepherd King, I am your “Love song” that the Song of Solomon is singing about. You and I are in love, I’m In love with My beautiful bride “The Church” My people who will reign with Me for eternity.

Thank you Lord for being our love symbol, a symbol of Your holy love for us, yes we’re convince that You are the Son of David and all theses scriptures are confirming that You are the true Christ. Eccl. 1:1, The word of the preacher, the Son of David, king in Jerusalem. This is You Jesus! You said it Yourself Mark 12:35, And Jesus answered and said, while He taught in the temple, how say the scribes that Christ is the Son of David ( it’s only by the Holy Ghost that we can say, Jesus is the Son of God ) for David himself said by the Holy Ghost, the Lord said to My Lord , sit thou on My right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool.

So when I look at the verse in 2 Sam 11:4 where it talks about David laid with her, well in a spiritual sense it’s actually talking about Jesus as a symbol laid down His life for us. God pull the cover off what David had done and revealed it to us in our spirits in the New Testament concealed now revealed. “Stay tuned for part 2 of “David And Bathsheba”coming soon…………Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, if you haven’t already peace and blessings to you Amen❤️

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