Spiritual Satanic Attack The COVID-19…

Warning 🚨 this is how the spiritual smoke of COVID-19 have hit us in the world and spreaded.

We’ve been hit with a Satanic Attack COVID-19 although we see physical signs and symptoms of people getting sick and dying; God reveal to me in my spirit that, yes this was a world wide spiritual attack and we’ve been hit with it, it looks like some kind of “Poisonous Gas Smoke Bomb” call the “Coronavirus”/ “COVID-19.

There is a deeper spiritual meaning to what is happening in our Counrties world wide some of our Economies Systems are Crashing, Small Businesses have shut down, a few Jobs, Restaurants etc and on top of that Deaths. Now you tell me that you can’t see that a spiritual attack gas bomb covid-19 didn’t hit us! Wake up people and open your spiritual eyes and ears so that you can see and hear what’s going on around you spiritually. We were tremendously hit hard and were effected by it. We can see the physical manifestation of it. COVID-19 was spreaded through a spiritual poisonous gas chamber more than one camber because many cities were hit with it. The gas was spreaded through spiritual smoke called covid-19.

Although we were hit and some of our buildings we’re bomb spiritual by shutting them down the Lord is still good after all this. He will not allow these evildoers to murder and get away with what they have done we all going to leap what we have already sown weather good or bad Gal. 6:7,8 . The Lord called us a stiff-necked people because we always resist the Holy Ghost Act. 7:51.

Alot of us do not like to obey the Lord therefore he allow things to happen because of our disobedient to Him. Do He causes bad things to happen? The answer is, no but, He do allow bad things to happen just as well because of our disobedient and not praying like we should.

The word is out this is what the enemy have put in man’s spirit to do, to wear a mask something that these wicked people done created and now they want us to wear face mask and saying, “this is the new norm” and they’re even fashionlizing the face into a mask using different colors too. What really! is this a joke? It everywhere! I’m sorry, but I just can’t get use to walking around looking like a dead zombie this is what the enemy truly would like to see. Keeping this face mask thing going and smashing it into the face like this picture here.👇 With spiritual eyes you can see the difference between the two pictures one physical and the other spiritual .

This picture is what you’re really seeing on earth in the spirit only with your spiritual eyes ☝️. The enemy want us to walk around with face mask on smashed into our faces. The second picture is for people with no vision to see, carnal people, no holy spirit to show them what it really look like without it bugging them out in the first picture.👇
This picture here on earth is what a no spiritual vision carnal person will see without the holy spirit. ☝️ It still looks creepy and weird looking.

Well some one may say what about the nurses and Doctors that wear these face masks while been used in the health care fields? That is perfectly normal for them because this is a nursing field/ hospitals etc. Their face masks are white or either light blue used for that purpose. I’m not calling them zombies just to clear that up. But for the rest it’s abnormal to walk around with face masks on. Anything that is not normal come from the satcanic realm; and I say this is not normal!

I’m not saying don’t take full precaution, by all mean please do. But I am saying! have some faith in the Lord he knows what’s going on in this world with our families etc. Be safe and try not to get to close to other people. I believe this too shall pass. The spiritual smoke will clear and soon pass just believe it will in Jesus name.

Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today if you haven’t already Amen.🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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