I Am Love Struck In His Presence…

Did you know it’s possible to get love sick in the Lord’s love? Yeah! You can. To much of a good thang will weigh heavily on you and it must be released. How many of you know what I talking about? We must go out and share Jesus because He’s to much for one person to have for themselves His love is so great we gotta go and tell someone about Jesus. Come people and give your life to Christ he is waiting. He is the greatest and have so much love to give that is why I am such a blogging of His word thanks to the Holy Spirit.

When we’re continually in His presence He is pouring into us, some get poured the overflow as others may sip from it. We all are not alike in some form of fashion because the design Holy Spirit worketh in our spirits according to the levels of each person’s intimacy with the Lord. You’ll know when you’re love struck in His presence because long as you’re there He will continue to pour into your born again spirit to the point that you say to Him, Lord I gotta go out for a little while to just take a walk, but I’ll be back. You will find yourself talking to someone and tell them about a man you just left named Jesus. You wanna know why? Because you became so love sick in His presence until you couldn’t stand it anymore you just had to go out and share Jesus. Whether it be through publishing a book, be a song writer, serving and help others, or the best house wife you can be to your husband vice versa etc.. So now when we’re all emptied out we just come on back into Jesus’s presence to get what we need and He just fills us all back over again and the cycle repeats.

His love has so much powerful force behind until it leaves a deep indent in our hearts to spread His love to others that do not know Him like we do. We need to do a self- evaluation check to see if we’re lining up with the Lord Jesus teachings. Not everyone that say to Jesus, Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom Matt. 7:21. To many of us confessing to be Christians, but have no works in our lives to show. Faith without works is dead and works without faith is dead we must have them both they are married to each other.

I pray to my heavenly Father today that we seek Him more, I pray that we have a hunger and thirst for more of Him and less of us. Lord set the passion of our hearts on fire for to do the will of Your Kingdom sit us down so that You may arise through us. Lord Jesus take out any uncleanness that you may see in us and fill us with Your holy presence at every cost. More of you less of us. Help us to walk in Your holy shoes we understand we will never fit them, but we can fully walk in them because we will always have room to grow in them. Lord help us to put on Your Robe Of Righteousness we understand it’s a very large robe to wear, but we’re willing to wear it as we grow, not into it but in it. Once again we always have room to grow as we are honored to wear it in Jesus name Amen.

We love You Lord and we as Your people invite the unsaved to come. Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today if you haven’t already Amen.🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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