My Heart Weigh Heavy In The Presence Of My King…

The Queen Of Jesus

It’s an honor to be the wife of the King, Jesus Christ. We as Christians are all standing in need of prayers, Lord during these hard ships we’re facing Pandemic Crisis in our land. We as Your Queen; that is everybody who belong to the body of Christ this concerns you! We will take a stand side by side with our King to face the world’s evil demonic demon that are sweeping our land taking lives of many. Do not fear, we shall live and not die for our God is with us. You may hear of people falling all around you, but do not worry keep your faith and trust in God for he is the only one who has this demon in his hands He is the only one who is controlling this Pandemic Crisis and will cast it down when He’s ready just trust He will do it….. We stand in the name of Jesus that this thing has already came to an end and will not take no more lives “DESTROYED”

We will take a stand side by side with our heavenly King who is Jesus Christ God’s Son, with the greater good that is within us! We will and we can face these demonic attacks head on. Suit up Queen put your whole Armour of God on leaving nothing off because we’re under attack these are tribulations times our faith are being tested. Who will stand by the Lord Jesus with me? I am a personal queen of Jesus and I know my rightful duty to stand up and pray for this “land and the people that are in it” against this attack that is coming from the enemy…..

It is my rightful duty to keep on standing for my King no matter what the enemy do or try to do to me I will push my way through by the power and the authority God has given within me to fight against the enemy.

The enemy has mess with my physical sight so that I cannot write or blogg again, but “Hey” here I am again hallelujah thank you Jesus. No devil in hell can keep me from the will of God my blogging passion because that’s what I do for Christ and they will last the bible says.. Hallelujah… My eyes have gotten a little bit better better enough to see what I’m writing, even I am under attack personally speaking, but I’m never taking under by Satan hallelujah Jesus because of the blood that is on my life….

I will write and warn the people to the full to run to safety take cautious effect always with insight on what the Lord is calling each individual person to do concerning prayers in these tribulations times, not just for this crisis only, but for many more to come even worst than this one because the enemies is out there and they are still plotting to try to destroy the people of God first because if they get us then they know they can get the rest of us, but that will never work thank you Jesus. They can form it all they want, but they will never over take us hallelujah glory to God….

Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today if you haven’t already peace and blessings to you. Amen 🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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