King Jesus Is Fascinated About Us…

We went From Rags To Richest

Esther’s life tells a story to us today if we pay close attention to Jesus he is sending out a message through her to get us to fall in love with Him and win our hearts to Him as our King. Esther was one of the women among many other women that was brought into the king’s palace. I thank you Jesus I wanna say to You, I’m fascinated about You too. When I take a look around in Your Kingdom, I say to you, who am I among so many women? I’m just a thorn among so many beautiful women, but nevertheless my King I’m here to please and to serve you; As the apple tree among the trees, so is my love my King I have for You among the daughters…

When we look at Esther’s role she had to soak herself first in the king’s “Mikveh bath” and become beautified with the king’s things before she could come into his presence and spend the night with Him. His things such as oils, spices and myrrh she had to bathe herself surrounded by rose petals water for to soften and beautified her skin. Wow my heart was captivated and I got a quickening of the word and fixed my eyes on Jesus thinking! He wants to do us the same way and He did…

Esther also had to wear a special robe that the king had made uniquely to fit her awesome hallelujah thank you Jesus. Can’t nobody take what God has uniquely made for you and wear it they won’t be able to fit it. Can’t nobody wear the beauty that Jesus has given you like you can, it was given to you to glorified Him because it is His beauty that is glowing on the inside of you, not yours, so remain humble He will always desire you this way.. He will even give you your own fragrance line of very expensive perfume with His name on the bottle saying, The Fragrances Of Christ. That is the same sweet oil Mary spill everywhere because some got on me hallelujah glory to God. The fragrance is His sweet Holy Spirit. His spirit is filled with these wonderful fragrances of sweet aroma that emerges from a believer’s spirit into the atmosphere. So put on the fragrances of Christ by letting His holy spirit emerge from us so unbeliever can smell Him and wanna be saved because that is what this epic story is really all about. The King who is in love with us..

Esther went through it we have to go through this same process over the course of time of course. Jesus won’t just send for you right away once you’re in His kingdom you will need to be taught, in other words bathing in His Mikveh of the holy word by studying and reading in it getting to know His ways intimately for yourself that is what He desires from us. We all must take heed to know our King’s voice intimately when He’s speaking to us individually or together as a whole that is how He speaks to us all, through His holy spirit.

How will you know that you’re in fellowship with your loving King like Esther was with hers? The only way you’ll know is, when you hear His voice through continue fellowship with the holy spirit that lives and abide in you, John 15:4, Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in Me. So yes that’s the only way we’ll know that our spirit is active when we constantly live in the presence of His word. The Holy Spirit is the only one that gives us life.

How will you know that you’re in love with Jesus? You already may know He’s in love with you already by the words that is coming from His mouth. You’ll know when you’re in love with Jesus because you’ll wanna be in His presence all the time reading because you’re hungry to hear His voice speak to you, not only that, but you will start to feel the same way about Him like He does about you. Your words began to become His words and His words your words whenever He will speak you’ll begin to finish the sentences whatever He’ll say you’ll say and whatever you’ll say He’ll say because the words are all Him speaking from your spirit. We have no words of our own because our bodies are dead and our lives are hid in Christ. We can’t eat, sleep, breathe, speak or even think or feel nothing on our own without Him we are “Dead” to the body of sin Jesus is the reason why we live, and move, and have our eternal being, Act. 17:28, For in Him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also His offspring. So His holy spirit is alive in us right now in this! lifetime and will be living on into eternity hallelujah glory to God Col. 3:4, When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in glory. We’re already right now in glory with Him because we’re in our glorified bodies in heaven.

So getting back to Esther once she took off her raggedy clothes that she had on the king gave her an exquisite gown to his liken. So you can go ahead and say, Esther became his queen what a magnificent anecdote.

Before I go I like to say this, I am very overtaken by living in the presence of my King he mean everything to me He worth more to me than my own life because at the end He escorted me back to my bedroom, I said wow what a beautiful bedroom up here in heaven: I looked! low and behold there was a beautiful long snow white gown lying on my bed made especially and uniquely design just for me. Jesus had put it there for me after I’ve purified myself in His “Mikveh bath”, and said to me, put it on I don’t wont you in those raggedy clothes anymore I have made you My beautiful queen “now”.

Jesus feels the same way about you too because we all fell short of God’s glory. He have brought us back from rags to riches to live with Him in his kingdom He has a special room waiting just for you. The King is in love with us as His Queen who is the church. Do you personally have a love relationship with Jesus? If not, I urge that you get one because for me it is the best thing that I have ever done knowing and coming into a personal love relationship with Jesus as my husband bridegroom King….

Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today if you haven’t already peace and blessings to you. Amen.🙏

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