Martha’s Service A Mary’s Heart…

As we apply this to the Kingdom we can learn a lot from Mary and her sister Martha and they did had a brother who’s name was Lazarus until Jesus brings him back from the grave. Now he is with them again, but enough about Lazarus this is specifically about Mary and Martha. We all can gain some insight on the two roles of these woman vigorously living and I might include Lazarus in on it too. From the Holy Bible I can understand why Jesus loved them so much, not because they were women, because they allowed Him to come to their home Jesus loved their brother Lazarus as well He loved them all. In Luk. 10:38-42 Jesus went and visit Martha and Mary’s house, Jesus is not going to feel welcome unless you invite Him to come, then He will come in. That’s what happen here when Martha invited Him over.

We can take on the assignment of Martha’s and Mary’s task and apply it directly to our hearts. First what did she do? She invited Jesus by “receiving Jesus into her home”. If we’re to take Martha’s and Mary’s task and put it on our hearts like a heart monitor then we would not miss not one beat of Jesus’s word. What am I saying? I’m saying if we open up our hearts, sinners included and invite Jesus in whether by sinners pray or if we’re already in relations with the Lord and just need to come back in harmony with Him again He will come in.. This is exactly what Martha did inorder for Jesus to come, and! whoever is around you Jesus will come and dine with them too because now there is a family around that He’s wanting to fellowship with. Oh glory be to God Hallelujah..

Are you a Mary or Martha? If you don’t know you will by the time you get to the end of this anecdote you will begin to experience high levels of spiritual relational erudition that only the most high God can give you, not even Jesus is greater than His Father who is the most high God, John. 14:28, ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved Me, ye would rejoice, because I said I go unto My Father: for My Father is greater than I.

Keep in mind it’s very vivid to know the love that Christ has for us He wants to make Himself knowledgeable to us by knowing who He really is, it’s not enough to just hear others talk wonderful things about Him all of that is excellent, but it’s something about taking hold and being alone with Jesus the one who is excellent above excellent no words can explain it, it’s only felt through intimacy with Him. That is why He wouldn’t want us to be left without the Paraclete or the Advocate who is the Holy Spirit.

So Martha wanted to serve Jesus so she started preparing things and was doing quite well until she looked over and saw Mary sitting at Jesus’s feet so she started cumbering because she was serving and Mary was not. So she went to Jesus and bid Him therefore that she help her. But listen what He tells her, Martha, Martha thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken from her Luke. 10:41,42. In essence both women were doing the right thing it’s all about having a balance focus life for Jesus. Martha’s focus were so much on her sister Mary until she forgot about who she was serving which was Jesus and the people. Martha was so upset at her sister until she wasn’t thinking clearly.

Did Jesus not say, He that is greatest among you shall be your servant Matt: 23:11. So just by this verse Mary was serving as well because she was serving at the Master’s feet taking care of His needs Martha was serving the people and the reason why she wasn’t at Jesus’s feet it was because she had gotten what she really needed to go out and serve the people although Martha was working in the Lord’s fields Mary was spending alone time with Jesus even in the same household. Nothing is impossible with the Lord when we all wanna be near Jesus He will not turn no one away. The faithful Lord is teaching us to stay balance focus one can’t out weight the other one both sisters need each as well as they needed Jesus because there will be either to much or to little in their lives; And so it is with us today. In Martha’s case she was worrying about Mary instead of taking care what she needed to get done. It’s like that with us today to busy worrying about someone else and what their not doing, just do what God called you to do and it will be much better on you.

Both women’s had very powerful roles in theses scriptures definitely a lesson for us to take and apply it to our lives and to help the need of others, So who’s gone help Martha? But again Jesus did not say anything to Mary, go help your sister He wanted us to learn from this too. We have to know in ourselves to have that balance focus life to say, I can’t be in Jesus’s presence and getting what me me me wants and ain’t thinking about no one esle I’m filled, it’s time for me to leave His presence for a while to go help Martha with serving. In our case today help someone else get what that need in the presence of the King without our selfishness ambitious in the way. At the end of Eccl. 3 It says, To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Verse (5) A time to embrace, and a time to regain from it. The bible say He has made everything beautiful in His timing. So Martha was helping the need of others through her servanthood and Mary was ministering and tending to the need of Jesus by sitting and listen to His word and loving on Him just by being closer in His presence. This is the greatest part right here loving up on and worshipping Jesus because we’re to love Him and to put Him first before anybody else.

So recapping, are you a Mary are or you a Martha? I can just go ahead and answer for myself, I can learn from both of these women spirits because I needed Martha’s spirit to help me learn how to remove myself and put others before me and be a servant to help serving them; and I most definitely needed Mary’s spirit to reveal to me it takes true intimacy to spend time with The Master Jesus by sitting at His feet worshipping and listening to His word. Much much more could be said on this.

Make Jesus Lord of your life today if you haven’t already peace and blessings to you Amen.🙏

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