Be Concerned About Others More Than Yourself….

Life is so precious when we’re in the will of the Lord we will not take even the little things we do for God for granted… How precious is that! When every minute on my watch is counting down. When our spirit and soul are quiet in Heavenly places we are being drawn into a place of the unknown of our flesh, and therefore it can not come. Only the real us, our spirit and soul enters into this realm, a place where the Lord sound His sovereignty voice into the canal of our souls. He will come when reading the word, He will come when we’re somewhere in a quiet secret prayer closet, or He will come when we’re just resting on our beds and meditating on Him.

Reading the word of the Lord is my eternal life, writing about it is my passion, whatever I do for Christ will last for life. Whenever we’re God focus, you know focus only on Him then Holy Spirit will show us all sorts of things. I can be resting on my bed and sure enough He comes revealing things to me because Holy Spirit knows He’s always welcome. That what a happen if a person lives close enough in the spirit where the Superior Elohim God lives which is, the third realm of the spirit; this realm is much higher up and further back into the Kingdom, only a few in numbers live here because it cost to get here.Time and Effort”

The Lord will let you in on all kind of secrets when we eat from the Tree of Life; when this happens our rivers just flow out automatically in this realm and on to the natural. What awesome flow of God. Doing these times while in His presence He will began to uncover Himself, the secret part of Him will be reveal and He will lay a heavy burden on our hearts, not to heavy, but heavy enough so that the burden will move us towards what He wants us to do. The burdens is never about yourself, it’s about someone else.

Moses asked God why was He treating him so harshly about the people burdens. Num. 11:11, And Moses said unto the Lord, wherefore hast thou afflicted thy servant? And therefore have I not found favour in thy sight, that thou layest the burden of all the people upon me? Moses couldn’t understand God at this point like some of us today. The truth was, God did favored Moses it was because of God chose Moses to carry the weight of the people that he was favored by God. Moses was a man who lived close to God to the point where he had to Vail his face before the people because it shine so bright so they couldn’t stand it, he was spending so much time in the presence of the Lord. Basically bathing in it for forty days and forty nights. Didn’t none of the people who were in Moses company lived close to the Almighty God like he did… So yes God chose him because of that. God doesn’t won’t us to look at it like a burden, look at it like, Oh Lord it’s a privilege to be a servant of Your people whatever Your heart is burden with mines are burden also. That is how the Lord want us to see it… After all He’s in it with us right there like He did with Moses and the people, lifting our heavy burdens….

So now when the Lord come to you, go ahead and remove yourself out the way let someone else in so that you can be a help to them, their situation become God’s situation through us their problems become our problems. Because there is some out there still don’t know the love of the Lord so He must use us to apprehend them into His Kingdom by their free will…

God focus people always remain center focus even when the focus are not on us because it’s not about us it’s all about Him and He sends us to others even when we, ourselves maybe hurting, we know that we have the Holy Spirit with us to see us through the hurt and pain, who is our comforter that lives on the inside of us. So even when everything around us are sinking we’re the ones who still stands, calling upon the name of the Lord even when evil is on every hand we don’t worry, we just hold our heads up and live on when others don’t even know what’s happening or know our God.

The time has drawn near and coming to a close, people all around are running confused don’t know what to do about the outbreak in our land. They are even terrified because they have no shield or protection of the hand of Almighty God holding them and not knowing Him makes it even worst. We bodies of believers take no confidence in the flesh we leave the cares of this world behind us and press on towards the Eternal Life that we’re drawn into.

For this world, Jesus the Christ has already saved the whole world, now it’s us God uses to go get them. Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today if you haven’t already. Peace and blessings to you Amen.🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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