God Uses The Unqualified…

Looking back over my life from the title, I myself fit this description. When I take a step back over my life; all I can say is, I was in ignorance in my spirit never feeling good enough I will never be good enough, at least I know that now, flesh can no longer hold me anymore, the bible says for I know in me ( that is, my flesh, ) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; Rom. 7:18.. yes the pass kepted bringing it up that I was a nobody who didn’t knew how to speak all that well, but guess what? God sees fit to use whomever He pleases. When our hearts are turn and tender towards the Lord He will give us a yes Lord in our spirits to move forward, to move everything that hinders the mouth piece of the Lord. He gives us the ability to do it while at the same time we’re leaning and depending on Him for the work He commission us to do..

When I read in God’s word I see through out all the Bible God didn’t used the qualified people. He call and uses the unqualified people to make His glory known. Apostle Paul said he was a wretched man, king David committed adultery, Moses committed murder, Abraham married his sister Sarah, king Solomon had a sex problem for women and Jonah was selfish because he didn’t wanna go to Nineveh to cry out to the people; to me from the looks of it, all theses people wasn’t qualified, but the Lord still used them to make His glory known. Every last one of theses people had something in common, they knew the Lord and they all knew He loved them because each one had they’re personal love relationship with Him, amazing isn’t it? He’ll get the glory out of everyone He calls and uses. He’ll take His qualifications and dig deep down into our unqualified souls, and make our spirits perfectly one with Him; qualified to do the job because now our spirits are one with His perfect sanctified Spirit, and cannot sin.. We’re now a hired agent working for the Kingdom of the Lord hallelujah…

May the good Lord continue to bless you in Jesus name. Amen 🙏 If you haven’t made Jesus your Lord and personal Savior do so today Rom. 10,9,10…..

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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