Be Better In What You’re Called To Do..

In some point in our lives we all will come to a cross road; which way do we go? Well I would say, turn to your inter passion whatever you love to do and just press in to it… If you do it with a passion and it’s not a bore to you then, I think that’s your passion… We all were born with a God giving potential inside of us and can be enthusiastic about it. Just do what your spirit were created to do, that is to aim, not just high, but higher because God gives us the means to do it.. He will give us a mind that reaches way out like spiritual arms above all others that the people in the natural can’t reach… What an awesome God we serve. We wasn’t put here just to take up space like we see some do having no hope; just idling around, be careful with what you do with your time.. your mind just maybe the devil’s workshop, but I pray that it don’t. Precious people let us occupy our minds with the gracious beauty of becoming like the Master of creations when He put His mind to work the summer trees are formed, and He paints each one of them differently with the brush stroke of His finger tips; those trees are us… Every curves back and forth ups and downs soft touch strokes and dot strokes loops and bends strokes like no other artist could. Look! Don’t ask me how He do it cuz I don’t know. Amazingly beautiful, He’s just supernaturally brilliant, I stand in awe…

We have the mind of Christ and can create admirable things too.. Let us paint something beautiful with the way we’ve live our lives so that the world will see what amazing people of God we are, then they will run asking what do they need to do to get captivated in on this marvelous work of art? In other words they’re says in they’re spirits, what must we do to be saved? Jesus is the answer. When it comes to really showing off God’s showcase of artwork. The bigger picture is Jesus Christ. His pictures are everywhere and what He did in God’s museum on earth 2000 years ago.. It was a hallelujah historical event..

Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today if you haven’t already.. peace and blessings to you. Amen 🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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