The Prayer In The Garden Of Gethsemane: Part 2

( The Prayer In The Garden ) Jesus suffered so yes what you think about us; the bible says if we suffer, we shall one day reign with Him 2 Tim. 2:12. I don’t know about you beloved, but my time is right now. I am ruling and reigning over these demons in these demonic high places casting them down by the blood of Jesus. The cup of Jesus he want to drink it in His spirit and He did, we drunk it with Him and He gave us the power of His suffering to overcome every hurt, pain sickness and diseases, every dominic demon there is in this world hallelujah glory to God, although His flesh were torn up over us. Now that’s love in it’s highest . Jesus loved us so much He didn’t even care about His flesh, He didn’t care what they have done to Him all He wanted and saw was us glory to God… He told the devil , you can have this flesh do whatever you wanna do to Me, but you can’t touch My bride hallelujah Jesus, because she belong to Me… Jesus looked at us and said, that woman is you, it’s a Christian believer.. We’re in awe of Your love Lord for us because Your love runs very deep in a Christian soul.. How could anyone turn away from your unfailing love? You’re our Savior and we bow in loving You, not that we loved You, but that You loved us first.

God wasn’t willing in the prayer garden of Gethsemane cup pass from Jesus so why are we willing to let Him pass; Who else could drink it and drink all of it, the world’s cup? No one, except for Him hallelujah glory to God…. If you haven’t made Jesus Christ your Lord and personal Savior today, please do so at this time Rom.10:9,10 until next time peace and blessings to you amen🙏

Published by My Devoted Heart

Who am I? I'm just a soul who has been born again and kissed by the breath of God's Salvation, who now wants to tell the world about Jesus.....

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