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The Church Is All You Got In This World..

John 14:18 NKJ

These are plenty of spiritual orphan children out there I’m talking about unsaved people they’re the ones who need a home. I have good news today. I know a Man who will take in as many as them that wants to be taken in. On the flip side there is no one else to take them in He is the only one, He can provide you with love, food and shelter a place to live where you won’t be in the dark. Who is this Man? What is his name? He’s father God the Bible tell us He has many different names just to name a few, Jehovah, YHWH, Elohim, I am, Mighty Creator. Because He’s a Supreme Being that is why He have so many different names. He is seated on the throne in heavenly places to be our Provider which we cry Abba, Father, Rom 8:15 NKJ says, For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” (16) The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. God bears His adopted children in His own Spirit He carries us in Him rest a sure we have a “home.”

How can a unsaved person be adopted into the Lord’s household? The only way to come you must get saved through the Church, she is the body of Jesus Christ. The Church is all we have in this world their is no one else God did it all through her. He has open up her spiritual womb to conceive as many that will give their lives to her counterpart Jesus Christ to be adopted in as their own. God is all about eternal supernatural loving family relationships He always has since the beginning of time like He did with first Adam and Eve before the fall. Since the second Adam came along which is Jesus He tells the Church the body of believers to go out and adopt sons and daughters in His name. It should be our compassion to meet His passionate heart to rear in the people by raising Him up as Savior who still wants to save orphans children from out the world. They are lost without hope and living on the dark corners of sins trying to fill that huge void in their heart. There’s a need for love only God’s love can fill that huge void they don’t know it or know what it is their unborn children that need to be born again through the Church she is all that got in this world.

Come to Jesus through her while her light still shines. She sits on a hill the Bible says, in Matt 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. She waiting for the souls to see that sparkle of light because once you don’t see it no more that means the Church is up and gone caught up with Jesus. And then the world will have no light shining in it “At all” that is scary.

Come! while your time is now come to Jesus let your light shine for Christ..

A ( Avalanche/ Tsunami)

Good morning: This is a warning: Last night I had a powerful dream. I was in some type of building with massive of people. I heard the word ( Avalanche ) but I saw in my spirit a massive wave of a ( Tsunami ) coming. People started to scatter out trying to find higher ground to get to safety. When I looked again it was just a hand full of people in my sight around 20 to 25 people. They were just about all gone.

We were climbing to get to safety. In the dream I had lost my phone and couldn’t call up my love ones to warn them. I had to borrow a phone to call. The location of this dream were in Marion, the first person I call was my husband and he told me to get out of there and come toward the Demopolis. I couldn’t run I told him. The Tsunami was already coming over there. He was at work. I couldn’t call my mom for some reason because the numbers on the phone wasn’t working properly. So I told him to warn her. But for the most part this was a spiritual dream that the Lord gave me to warn all of you that a Avalanche Tsunami wave of destruction is coming. Prepare to turn your life over to Jesus Christ or else!!!!! It’s a lot more to be said but time won’t allow it. Who am I? I’m just a nobody trying to warn everybody what’s fixing to happen…

Learn How To Trust God Even When You Don’t Sense His Presence.

Greetings and blessings from the Lord’s table: Lord may the words of Your mouth continue to meditate in our hearts and souls as we feast at Your table in Your most precious and righteous name Amen. { Isa 49:14,15 } NKJ says, “The Lord has forsaken me, And my Lord has forgotten me.” { 15 } Can a woman forget her nursing child, And not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you. Now I can say a whole mouth full of words just by reading these two scriptures right here.

First off the Lord will never forget His people. Secondly I can hear Jesus say, have you not read? You haven’t been reading your bibles haven’t you? Seriously! The Lord knows when we’re not in His word because it will show the outcome of the fruit. Not been in His presence for a while will show a lack of fellowship and intimacy with Him. It’s vast that we live in His presence because the greater the intimacy the more we wouldn’t say, and I (quote) say these things like { “The Lord has forsaken me” or “My Lord has forgotten me”.

We can not fool God knowing that we haven’t been in His presence for long periods of time especially when He have boldly and vividly gave us the invitation to come and live in His presence. Periodically He don’t need that type of relationship from us. We can’t fool God and we certainly can’t fool the people out in the world nowadays. Even they will know if we’ve been in the Lord’s presence or not. People watch our every move. (see) Acts 4:13, NKJ, Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.

It doesn’t take a skillful writer in this world or a doctor’s or lawyer’s degree to figure out that a person has been with Jesus. Jesus main concern isn’t about, do we have a degree or not. Although there’s nothing wrong with them, all He wanna know is, do we know Him? His nature, the essence of who He really is to us. So the people out there in the world will know if we’ve been in the presence of Jesus. Why do I say that? Because spiritually speaking the smell of Jesus will be all over us. Oh how sweet the Lord’s fragrance is, it’s His anointing oil. (See) 1 John 2:27 NKJ, But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him. We must hold fast to His presence sit at Jesus feet and be taught under the influence and inspiration of “Holy Spirit” that way we can not only leave His presence smelling like Jesus, but we’re look like and talk like His resemblance too.

The amazing part about what God does is, when we’re in His presence we become so captivating, so enthroned by His beauty, so interwoven with all of His essence of who He is. He doesn’t do away with us that part that makes us who we are as a being, but He does separate the part of us from His “God Almighty self” He’s to be seated on His throne as the only “Sovereign God who have ever lived”. See the analogy it’s like a glass of wine with a drop of water in it. God is like the finest wine and we’re in Him like a drop of water. That’s how amazing He is. He separated us from His “God Almighty Sovereign Powerful self” standing as God alone. Yet we can now know Him from us that’s the distinguish between the two although we’re one in spirit with Him.

He has given us a potion of His power because God has all power. So to say the Lord has forsaken me, He has forgotten all about me is a lack of intimate fellowship and a lack of “power” on our part. Let us stop playing around with ungodly society. Do you want them to teach you their ways of life, how to live ungodly? Because I assure you it’s not want the Lord want for you.

Put away those meaningless things out of the Lord’s sight we don’t need them. And we wonder why we say the things we say like He done something wrong. No! We’re the ones out of place. The Lord already told us that He will never leave nor will He ever forsake us. (See) Heb 13:5, Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Let’s just stop watching so much TV “gossiping and chit chatting over the Internet” talking about idle stuff. I was guilty of this too and had to come to realization this is not for me, this is not who I am. Deep down in my spirit I was lacking and missing my intimate fellowship with the Lord. I realized I wasn’t happy theses things were only plunging me steeper into a trans away from my one true love Jesus Christ. I thank God I snapped out of it and came running back into His arms where He was waiting.

I hear the Lord say today, “What! am I not good enough for you”? Are you not content with Me? Can I not provide enough for you? The Lord want us to be content with Him and the provision of His holy things because He has already given them to us when we gave our lives to His dear Son at the cross. Do some of us need to go back there to be reminded of Him? I mean the cross and see the light of His glory shining because Jesus is always shining bright even when He has risen from the cross. He is alive in us so we need to live it.

Please understand what we read in the Bible what those people did back then the same principles apply to us today. The only difference is we’re reading with spiritual eyes open instead of our natural eyes which are closed. The Old Testament concealed has been our New Testament revealed in plain sight. Jesus has lifted the veil from our faces so we can clearly see the truth of His knowledge, wisdom and understanding. After all learn how to trust God when you can’t feel Him, hear Him, or see Him. Just because you don’t sense Him doesn’t mean He’s not there. Have faith and know He’s there.

Until next time peace and blessings 🙏

Satan’s Seduction Well….

When I take a look around me today I see a whole lot of souls drinking from the seduction well of Satan. This is what he does to manipulate the souls of the people into his sick and twisted porn games. If you’ve fell into his trap already then you are under the spiritual addictions of fulfilling his sick desires on you.

You are effortlessly having no desire to come out because he doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t care about how you feel, or if you want out or not. All he wants from you is to keep on drinking from his sickening seduction well of influencing your soul to be like his and you helping him influence others. Fight to come up out this whore’s house called the world of sins.

That’s the title he has written above it it is an unclean house and you shouldn’t even wanna go toward it to do what you want.. Let me tell you by the vision of the Holy Spirit in me what I see so far, “ I see a large couch” with Satan laying on it in a very slight angle he’s seen everything that you don’t do therefore he will strike you to do it, if you don’t. Note: The Holy Spirit is in-depth and very strategic how He’s showing me what is going on In-depth of the whore’s house and what’s really going on inside of it.

The partying still going on, the drinking and getting drunk still going on, people sleeping with each other and with Satan are still going on. They’re having spiritual intercourse with him by drinking from the seed of his offspring well and will be till the day Jesus come back here, if they don’t change. And people Jesus is on His way back here right now as Holy Spirit speaks to you today.

So if you’re one of theses people that are drinking from the seduction well of Satan then you must come out quickly, if you don’t turn back around and go back out the front door the way you came then you will find yourselves going out the back door that leads you straight into hell’s eternal home. Because now you’ve have gone too far and there is no ways out to escape the burning flames.

In this whore house of Satan there is none stop killings around the world sadly to say police officers are the number 1# on the top of the list that Satan gets to do it and he do it right along with them and others that he are using. Best believe theses crooked cops these days are assaulting and battering us, mainly the race of our black men……. what was suppose to help serve and protect us are now harming and killing us by having these fake police badges, not all of them are evil, but the majority of them are. Even vast numbers of the crooked cops are in the whore house of Satan and drinking from his well of seduction. Lord have mercy! That’s why they’ve turn on us because they have drunken from the well on Satan so deeply and corrupted they’re souls to the full maximum of wanting to kill instead of serving and protecting.

This house is full of sins I can barely talk about it right long see it happen before my eyes, but I must go on because I wanna share. In this house there are lesbians and gays and people who wanna try it for the first time or become like them. Don’t do it because you will get stuck in it and for most people they will not be so easily to walk away from this lifestyle; the enemy say, you all are welcome to come and live here free to do and live the way you wanna. “MERCY”

People this is living against the way God wants us to live. The devil knows this and fail to tell us this because he is a falling angel that tell lies who wants to see many in hell with him. For me personally who would wanna come and live in filth and to be as filth like the filth that Satan is? I know the answer, Nobody in they’re right spirit that has the mind of Christ would wanna go there right long live there. Evil entities live there and the house is filled with them. I hear the blood of the innocents cry out of they’re souls for “HELP”.

Then I saw a large supernatural hand go into this house and pull out the ones that are really crying from they’re souls. The Lord who is our helper that is His name, but the rest of them He leaves in there, not that He don’t wanna get them out, it’s because they don’t wanna come out. Lord have mercy! As powerful as the Lord hand is He can’t save someone who doesn’t wanna be saved.

I see innocent new born babies are being brutally attacked and slaughtered because the hearts of these people that Satan got working for him are evil and they have no light of day shining in them many ungodly clinics called the “abortion clinics. The blood will be on the church’s hands, if we don’t step up to the door of Satan and call the precious souls out the whore’s house to run to Jesus the one who will feed them and treat them with respect then we’re going to lose a whole lot of souls, “but” the devil is a liar and the truth wasn’t found in him. My prayers:

Lord Jesus I pray that someone took in your precious word today realizing that they need to come out the whore’s house right now just the way they are. Let them know that they can’t clean themselves up and that it shouldn’t stop them from coming to you, but that You’ll clean them up once they have came out in Jesus most holy and precious name Amen.

If you have felt and prayed that prayer with me then Jesus has saved you from the house of sin, just trust in Him and believe that He is the Son of God and that God has raised him from the grave then you are saved this is a confession of the heart spoken out loud with your mouth before the church of God……. Peace and blessings to you Amen ❤️

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