My First Blog Post

Be yourself; God made each person uniquely different because He wanted us to love Him uniquely different, but yet His love towards us remain the same….

— Victoria Green

Only one of me! Uniquely created by God….

Christ Amazing Love He has For Us..

My diabetes and Jardiance.

Hi my name is Victoria, and this is my story. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in January of 2022 my nurse practitioner called me in and said, I need to talk to you. Knowing me I got nervous and said, is there a problem? She said well,,, you have diabetes and your number is at 7% meaning ( Diabetic ). When I heard that I thought it was over with.

Besides the other meds I already was taking that added to my list of health problems. Sure enough she started me on a pill called metformin and explained the diabetes along with the pill she prescribed me. To make the long story short, fast ward to a year later of taking metformin I started having bad size effect from this metformin I didn’t know at first why I was feeling sick until later on. This lasted about three months before I found it out on my own. I’ve been to Doctors, done all kinds of tests to see why I was sick, but they all came back normal, praise God. But I still needed answers.

So one day my sister was talking with me and said, it may be one of your medicines that you’re taking. Sure enough I found out it was the metformin so I stopped that one on my own, although I didn’t go back to my nurse practitioner right away. Disclaimer: please don’t you do this we aren’t supposed to get off our meds unless the Dr approves it. I was left without taking this medicine I was doing good off of it my A1C went down to a 6.3 hallelujah. I went back to see her and told her the metformin was making me sick so I stopped it, she told me that’s fine as long as the numbers don’t go back up.

My nurse practitioner was very nice, but personally I wanted to be under a Dr that was my personal option from the start. Although I was doing good off this medicine. I found a Dr so that he could put me back on something else other than metformin so we talked. I have already done my research on all types of diabetes medicine I found one that was called Jardiance that I told him I like to try so he prescribed it to me.

So here I am on day three I pray to God that this one agrees with my body because it’s a really good medicine with great benefits. Be aware of the size effect too!!!!

Bottom line, God is my healer all things are possible to him that believe. Although my body may have diabetes, I am already healed in the name of Jesus, God healed me from all sickness and diseases this is just the aftermath of this disease. My body may have this disease, but it doesn’t have me hallelujah glory to the most high 🙌🙌🙌

Only the Lord shall judge!

Greetings to all, pardon me, but you can just about tell, that if you have the discernment of God where most people hearts are these days. Now I don’t have room to judge or point fingers because I have a few pointing back at me too. But anyway what’s in a man’s heart will definitely come out into the light. God will make sure of that.

I’m just, I’m only saying the Lord is revealing some stuff sort of speak, pulling back covers off 😲 out in plain sight for all who have spiritual eyes to see it. “People out in this field of life what and who’s spirit are you engaging in”?🤔 you better wake up to many of us are sleeping on God.

Personal Prayer Testimony.

Greetings to all, Lord as my soul lay in Your presence I can’t help but to look back over my life to say, thank You, not because I’ve been so good or perfect, but to say that You been good and perfect to me. You are mighty excellent in my life. Your “Grace” has given me what I do not deserve.

No I don’t deserve Your loving kindness, no I don’t deserve Your forgiveness, no I don’t deserve Your favor or Your hand on my life. I don’t deserve a whole lot of things. I don’t deserve anything to be exact but to be put to death, but yet You choose to love me anyways. Here me being in my human form didn’t enter stand why would a loving God put up with all my falling state of not being truth worthy, falling backwards, slipping up not trying to be self?

You came and said to me, it is because I love you. He said, it also was “Mercy” that said no to me and because of that “Grace” welcome me in. Here’s the shouting part! “Mercy” said no and had closed the door to hell right before my eyes as I was standing there about to walk in at hell’s gate.. Mercy told me “no” I don’t have to go to a burning hell and live there for the rest of my life, just makeup in my mind to live for Jesus and have eternal life. Then I wepted 😭😭😭 and came to Jesus because “Grace” had let me into heaven and I been living my life for Jesus every since. ###ThankYouFatherGodAndThankYouJesus 🙏🙌🏾😘🥰

When the Lord brings me out in the opening.

Greetings dear reader, I must say, you may see my smiling face here and there and I may even consider myself a quiet type of person mainly because I keep to myself and not having any dealing with anyone. It’s not that I’m stuck up it’s because I will hear the Lord better. But anyway God got me out here so i’mma make the best of it. At times behind this smiling face something definitely serious gone come out.

I’m gone telllll thank You Jesus y’all what the Lord lays on me. Y’all smh no matter what I do and don’t do it always gone come out hallelujah 🙌🏾 The Lord gives me a peace of His mind yeah I said ( PEACE ) and when He does I blow off steam into the atmosphere nothing but His word of what He lays on my heart to say. This is the place to dwell. ###BlessedNotStressed 😘✌🏽🙌🏾

Just sharing what the Lord laid on my heart.

Greetings to y’all, quick joke also true! Jesus can be staring some of y’all right there in your faces and slap you, you’ll say someone else did it and won’t even acknowledge that Jesus did it. “Don’t lie” let me tell the truth for you! Jesus did it. Who woke you up? Jesus did it, who is it keeping you breathing? Jesus did it, who that got you off your street drugs and delivered you from your childhood traumas and loved you right out your whoredoms mess? Oh it was Jesus He did it.

I just don’t know about some of us, but one thing about Jesus He doesn’t care about our feelings being hurt all He want is for us to win souls to Him. So let’s just stop it stop lying like Jesus never done anything for us! Ever. If satan got some of you so you can’t speak anything or you don’t know anything to say, just say He died for you my goodness 🤦🏾‍♀️ at least owe Him that much that’s a start. If the WORD in you it will come outer you then you’ll have something in you to say and communicate with.

I believe that is the main reason why most of us see Jesus pass on by Him and don’t talk to Him is because they don’t know how to hold a conversation with Him, they don’t know what to say. What do I mean by that? Jesus speaks through His people to communicate with other people ( My goodness ). That is why it is so important to be in God’s word to know what to say in order to accompany Him and His people as well as how to fight and war off satan.

All I can say at this point is, it started out as a quick joke, but this joke ain’t no joke! Take heed to the word of God.

Stop Refusing Your Soul Salvation…

Thank You Lord Jesus for being in my life taking complete control of my thoughts and my life. I’ve allowed You to do whatever pleases You. My mind becomes Your mind the mind of Christ ( 1Cor 2:16 ) There are so many at the end of this age saying all types of negative things about You but I’m gone keep the “FAITH IN YOU”. It seems as if they don’t won’t eternal life becuz of the way they’re talking against You nowadays. Have mercy on theses people souls Lord becuz they don’t really have a clue of what they are saying. Mercy Mercy Mercy 😭😭 nothing but blaspheming the Holy Spirit that are coming from their mouths they have cursed themselves, dooming themselves to a burning hell becuz they are refusing their salvation. You’ve already set them free all they need to do is turn and repent to You.

All who denies Jesus as Lord and personal Savior over your life you are on your way to a burning hell for eternity becuz the scripture says a person have unpardonable sin meaning you will not be forgiven becuz you’ve refused Jesus ( Matt 12:31 ) NIV version. How can you be forgiven when you hasn’t or never asked Jesus to forgive you by accepting Him into your heart taking on His spirit in you? But you still have a chance to turn and accept Him before you leave this earth. I see too many people claimed at one point in their life time that they know Him, but yet they left Him ( 1 John 2:19 ) They went out from us, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

This is what Jesus told all them who left and did not love and obey Him, “I never knew you” ( Matt 7:23 ), And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity.

The only two logical explanation I see here is, (1) These first group of people claimed to know Jesus, but did not really know Him becuz they were never saved the start with. To know Jesus is to be in a personal intimate relationship knowledge of really knowing who He is, not just knowing of Him. Which they never did becuz if they did these group of people would’ve never left Him in the first place. (2) The second group are the unbelievers they are not born again they’re unconverted and they never claimed to have known Jesus as their Savior, but all of them are still lost so Jesus departed them to His left where the goats are located read ( Matt 25:31-33 ).

Dear people come to Jesus right now!!!! He is “THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN YOUR ETERNAL REST”

God Wants You To Give Birth.

How many of you who are Christians followers knows when a woman is pregnant she got to have that unborn child? Her body must naturally release when the time comes for it to be birth. It’s the same way in the spirit we go through spiritual birthing in order to grow and advance the Lord’s kingdom, advance in our lives and point unborn sinners to Christ so that they can have a chance to Eternal Life.

It is imperative, we must have the seeds of Christ living and dwelling in us, but are they really being birth and manifesting through us? It’s not enough that Jesus seeds remain in the womb of a believer’s spirit and just sitting there producing no fruits. That ain’t doing the people who need Jesus any good. They need to be told about the good news of Jesus. His seeds are restless in our wombs they Wanna come out.

At this point it got to come out because they are growing in stages towards maturity to go forth and do what it was designed to do. The seeds can be anything (1) The forgiveness seed (2) The giving seed (3) The seed of helping others (4) The seeds of we producing joy, peace, love etc in our lives. These are Christ spiritual seeds that He wants to birth and manifest into actions through our eternal spirits.

My final connotation is, if we don’t ever release the power of God’ seeds that Christ has given us then we’ve become too complacency with ourselves and miserable in our spirit wombs because that holy thing needs to be release. “We were born for greatness”

God Does Not Tempt Us… And We Can’t Tempt God.

James 1:13, let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth He any man.

The only way a person can be tempted is when he is drawn away by his own lust James 1:14. Stop playing the blame game on God He didn’t make you do anything the devil can’t even make you do it. You did it because you had lust in your heart . 1 John 2:16 beautifully put it like this, for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but of the world.

Who’s spirit is in the world? It’s Satan the devil’s spirit of course. Satan is the one that is of this world. This is why Jesus in John 17:14 prayed this prayer to His Father that we’re not of this world. Yes we’re in it but not of it we’re not from here we’re spiritual beings that lives in human bodies. My point: if you don’t wanna be tempted stop lusting after the devil and his things in the world. If not then you are in a world of trouble and have to answer to the all Mighty God.

A Person Don’t Have To Go To Hell!

Why are sinners still choosing to go to hell when Jesus clearly from the reading of scriptures came and ( died for our sins )? Do we go because we’ve sinned? What really and truly send us to this awful place? I believed for a minute in ignorance of understanding God’s word that sinning will lead a person to hell. The answer: it’s rejecting Jesus and His finished work on the cross is what send people to hell. Think about before you send me under the bus.

It’s nothing we can do or say in this life or the next that will keep us from Jesus’s love He made sure of that through scriptures. This is how sure with confidence we can be. Rom 8:38,39 For I am persuaded, that neither death, ( that would be we sinning including sinners as well ) nor angels ( that would be the devil and his angels ) nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come.

(39) Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

By the scriptures read nothing can separate us from Jesus, that if you are a born again believer it can’t. But again I must say why will some still go to hell when Jesus said that hell was created for the devil and his angels? Read Matt 25:41. Plus hell has enlarge herself by the numbers Isa 5:14, Therefore hell hath enlarge herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their pomp, he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it ( meaning rejoiceth in wickedness ).

The bottom line what really sends sinners to hell? Again it’s the rejection of Jesus finished work on the cross. Believe in Jesus and stay connected to Him no matter what. We cannot go to heaven by our own works that is why we’re still sinning in our flesh and feeling guilty of it. Let’s just stop with the guilt and believe what Jesus did for us and that we are saved!!!!

Our Unique Praises To God.

Oh come on somebody give God your unique praise! We all have some praises to give Him. He created you in the uniqueness of His hands out poured in your spirit. Can’t nobody else praise Him like you can. You are unique the one true copy He designed for His glory, for Himself actually. Nobody can mimic you! We can’t mimic each other hallelujah. What God has designed in you can’t no man put asunder hallelujah.

People will see you and try to talk like you, but they can’t, they’ll try to walk like you, but find it difficult to go on, they’ll even wanna get close to you, but find themselves back where they started from all because they’re trying to mimic you. Stop trying to copy someone else’s spirit. Do the you God wants you to do.

He strategically took His time using His fingers and hands because you mean something to Him so He lovingly carved out your spiritual name, your thoughts, your unique mind, the way you react when you’re in His presence paying closely attention to your emotions when reacting to your soul. He did all of this because He’s in love with you. This is the uniqueness of us when God designed only one copy of us each hallelujah Jesusss .

This Is Not God’s First Choice!

I hear the Lord say some of you are artificially inseminated with His word. This is not His first choice. He wants you to get to know Him for yourself not of Him, not about Him, but to ( know Him ). Know Him by experience the reading of His word, what His voice sounds like, who He is and what He really means to you. Don’t just sit on someone else’s testimony and not take your own relationship to heart with Him that looks like artificial insemination to me.

Stop letting someone else impregnate you with His word and you never reading and studying it for yourself. That’s ok it’s fine, but know Him, read Him, study and understand Him for yourself. He prefers it this way; enter into the presence of Holy God and He will reveal glorious things to you. Only the spirit of man can retain them our flesh won’t be able to stand in the Holy presence of all Mighty God.

If we don’t ever experience the Holy God then how will we ever know He’s a healer like some people say that He is me being one of them? How will you know if you’ve never allowed Him to touch your aching back pain or touch you in places that the enemy has left traces of bruises from being traumatized by your emotional fears? God can heal all of it in the name of Jesus!!

The Lord wants closeness and oneness with us through His word. These are the most intimate times a believer should want and do on regular basics becoming one with His spirit yielding our bodies as living sacrifices. “This is His first choice”

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